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The new actor for Daario weirdly shifts the daario-dany-jorah triangle in that old Daario was sort of generically superpretty but new Daario is basically young brash Jorah. Like if you were gonna pick a guy to play “young Iain Glen” in a thing I would totally pick Michiel Huisman.

So it goes from Dany wanting to bang young totally hot dude to Dany wanting to bang totally hot young version of the totally hot old father figure who wants to bang her.

Iunno if that’s deliberately a thing they’re going for or what.

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My favorite bit in the newest game of thrones

Is when Baelish reminds Sansa of that time he told her that everyone is a liar, right before he tells her that she’s safe and on her way home.


Things in Game of Thrones that are particularly awful in retrospect

Joffrey saying “I can’t stand the wailing of women”






Damn, Ned Stark, you really fucking should have listened to your wife

You really should not have listened to the guy telling you “a different time, a different king, Westeros is totally coolsies and you won’t get your head totally cut right off”

Things in Game of Thrones that are particularly awful in retrospect

In the first episode: Jamie Lannister casually buying Tyrion a bunch of whores


link's awakening... TO EVIL

  • Suzaku Swift: god
  • Suzaku Swift: I have a whole thing about this
  • nailsmccabe: go for it
  • nailsmccabe: well
  • nailsmccabe: first:
  • Suzaku Swift: okay so like
  • nailsmccabe: in winter solider
  • nailsmccabe: cap is the token white guy
  • Suzaku Swift: haha
  • nailsmccabe: the other good guy characters are all women or black
  • Suzaku Swift: hahaha that's good
  • nailsmccabe: all right, thats said
  • nailsmccabe: do the ganon thing
  • Suzaku Swift: okay
  • Suzaku Swift: so like
  • Suzaku Swift: we don't really know when Link's Awakening takes place
  • Suzaku Swift: also
  • Suzaku Swift: ignore like, everything post-16-bit because that's when they just started saying where Ganon came from
  • Suzaku Swift: but like so
  • Suzaku Swift: Link at the start of Awakening is sailing across the sea on an undisclosed adventure, right
  • Suzaku Swift: he gets shipwrecked and etc etc Link's Awakening happens
  • Suzaku Swift: in a coma trip, basically
  • Suzaku Swift: but one of the things that can happen in Link's Awakening is you can steal from the shopkeep
  • Suzaku Swift: and if you do
  • Suzaku Swift: your name gets changed to THIEF
  • Suzaku Swift: now remember
  • Suzaku Swift: this is all in Link's mind
  • Suzaku Swift: so this is really about his self-perception
  • Suzaku Swift: but so okay switch to A Link to the Past
  • Suzaku Swift: where you learn the backstory of the triforce and shit
  • Suzaku Swift: and they tell you about the golden land and how adventurers were all questing for it
  • Suzaku Swift: and this thief found it and created a world that reflected the darkness in his heart, becoming Ganon, the king of evil\
  • Suzaku Swift: remember Link's Awakening
  • Suzaku Swift: is the first canon game
  • Suzaku Swift: where Ganon isn't even mentioned
  • Suzaku Swift: and so in this game, the shipwrecked Link, who was clearly questing for the triforce
  • Suzaku Swift: because THAT'S WHAT LINKS DO
  • Suzaku Swift: got shipwrecked and pulled into this ancient god's dream
  • Suzaku Swift: where he learned to disregard the common people and take what he wanted
  • Suzaku Swift: and self identify as a thief
  • Suzaku Swift: THEN
  • Suzaku Swift: the Wind Fish woke up
  • Suzaku Swift: and he lost this whole life he'd been building on the island
  • nailsmccabe: hahaha
  • Suzaku Swift: and so it cements in his mind
  • Suzaku Swift: that the world is hostile
  • Suzaku Swift: and will take everything from him
  • Suzaku Swift: so he would be hostile to the world
  • Suzaku Swift: and use the power of gold to make the world be what he wanted
  • Suzaku Swift: and when he found the gold, it reflected his twisted heart and he festered there and became Ganon
  • Suzaku Swift: for one who has the capacity for great good must also be capable of great evil.
  • nailsmccabe: maybe ganon... is a link
  • Suzaku Swift: exactly
  • Suzaku Swift: he'
  • Suzaku Swift: he's THAT Link
  • nailsmccabe: he's the first link
  • nailsmccabe: in... the chain
  • Suzaku Swift: that's why it's important that we don't know when Awakening takes place
  • Suzaku Swift: ALSO
  • Suzaku Swift: it's the first canon Zelda game
  • Suzaku Swift: that doesn't have a clear place in context with the rest
  • Suzaku Swift: Zelda 1 and 2 are a single continuity
  • Suzaku Swift: ALTTP says right on the cover that it's a prequel
  • Suzaku Swift: Awakening is just
  • Suzaku Swift: out there somewhere
  • Suzaku Swift: BUT
  • Suzaku Swift: clearly out there somewhere
  • Suzaku Swift: in a time when great mythical godbeasts
  • Suzaku Swift: still walked the earth
  • Suzaku Swift: and pulled people into their dreams
  • Suzaku Swift: AKA
  • Suzaku Swift: IN THE HIGH FIRST AGE
  • nailsmccabe: yeah im totally slotting this into my personal link continuity
  • nailsmccabe: where ocarina is replaced by a better game
  • nailsmccabe: and the ending of wind waker doesn't happen

you have an evil skeleton walking around INSIDE YOU RIGHT NOW

every time you open your mouth, your hideous skull is doing the evil horrifying skull-grin


re: the reply i got to that post about nerds talking into their youtube videos

I’m replying in this post because I don’t know how to respond to replies on the original post!


I guess i can see the argument about needing to make money but most people i see doing this are terrible and don’t deserve to make money

Like as a counter example, zero punctuation videos are pretty good because the guy who makes those

1. talks quick

2. has enjoyable well-enunciated delivery 

3. has cute stick figure drawings instead of sticking his stupid face into the camera

so those are actually enjoyable videos to watch

i just hate the specific genre of 

"shove face into camera, drone on and on with long pauses and big "uhhhs" that make it seem like you probably didn’t bother writing any of this down before hand or rehearse it or anything, do nothing that makes any of this a better experience than if you’d just written down words that I could have then read"


Cyclops romantic options

Women cyclops should date instead of emma (even though he should actually be dating emma):

1. She Hulk

I don’t know why this is so perfect but it totally is.

It would be like… Dax and Worf from Deep Space Nine if Dax were a foot taller and several hundred times stronger than Worf