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re: the reply i got to that post about nerds talking into their youtube videos

I’m replying in this post because I don’t know how to respond to replies on the original post!


I guess i can see the argument about needing to make money but most people i see doing this are terrible and don’t deserve to make money

Like as a counter example, zero punctuation videos are pretty good because the guy who makes those

1. talks quick

2. has enjoyable well-enunciated delivery 

3. has cute stick figure drawings instead of sticking his stupid face into the camera

so those are actually enjoyable videos to watch

i just hate the specific genre of 

"shove face into camera, drone on and on with long pauses and big "uhhhs" that make it seem like you probably didn’t bother writing any of this down before hand or rehearse it or anything, do nothing that makes any of this a better experience than if you’d just written down words that I could have then read"


Cyclops romantic options

Women cyclops should date instead of emma (even though he should actually be dating emma):

1. She Hulk

I don’t know why this is so perfect but it totally is.

It would be like… Dax and Worf from Deep Space Nine if Dax were a foot taller and several hundred times stronger than Worf



in retrospect cersei pretty much raised joffrey to be the evilest of demented evil shits

like goddamn she actually fed him a huge ridiculous pile of crazy shit

"one day you’ll be the king and the truth will be whatever you want" damn that’s some really stupid shit to feed a kid


Robert Baratheon was a really terrible fucking king

They really should have come up with a way to make Tywin Lannister the king, that would have made like a million times more sense and led to way less pointless death than letting Robert be in charge of anything



You can really tell how game of thrones is derived from a book story that started with about three books’ worth of magic and politics and the author just got insanely into the politics and spinning out more and more and more of it and totally forgot to add in the extra magic to match


if wishes were royal leftovers then cersei lannister would feed them to the dogs

one thing i never stop wishing for in game of thrones is for cersei lannister to stop being so incredibly superhumanly dumb

looking back at season one the only reason she worked as an enemy for ned stark is because in a lot of ways she is ned stark; she’s just the ned stark of being petty and hateful where ned stark was the ned stark of HONOR and DUTY and OH HOLY FUCK I JUST LOVE THE SHIT OUT OF HONOR AND DUTY

ever since the end of the first season, every time the show focuses on cersei it becomes a reverse House of Cards, where instead of one superhumanly brilliant sociopath manipulating a world of easy marks you have this one superhumanly stupid sociopath being played and used by every actually intelligent human being around her

ordering the food be thrown to the dogs was just the perfect demonstration of everything she’s about and a perfect example of why the “rivalrly” between her and margaery is so sad, it’s like watching an adult and a little kid play chess and the little kid keeps trying to hop all the pieces over each other like in checkers


My favorite reddit meme

No I don’t mean meme in the modern bastardized sense referring to what we used to call an image macro

What I mean is a replicated idea, and the one that sums up everything that’s fuck-stupid about reddit is this one that gets repeated all up and down that site:

"If you meet one asshole in a day, you meet an asshole. If you meet assholes all day, you’re the asshole"

it’s the pure distilled essence of self-congratulatory groupthink in a single phrase, and it’s always upvoted to some obscene number

because if we all agree with it, it can’t possibly not be true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Reddit is everything that’s ever been wrong with webforums exacerbated by attaching two bright orange and blue REACT!!!!!! JUDGE!!!!!!! buttons to every single thing that anybody says


Is there a word for this?

Like, when people - particularly on the internet, because everything about Internet makes doing this so much easier - are in the middle of a cheery little hateshit on [group], and you disagree with their statements about [group] to the effect that they’re being irrationally hateful or making shit up or whatever, and they respond by assuming you must obviously be part of [group].

Like my favorite example of this is when people fire up a good hateshit about how terrible bicyclists are, and how dangerous they are to drivers, and how they’re always breaking the law, and how they should all get off the road. And then I point out that cars are actually a million times more dangerous than bicyclists, and drivers constantly break the law (because hey guess what, speed limits… are a law, which literally every driver breaks). 

And then the response to me is generally something along the lines of “LOL SHUT UP HIPPIE PEACENIK SCUM GO NAKED-RIDE YOUR FIXIE ALL OVER SAN FRANCISCO”

And like, the reason this in particular is my favorite example of this is that I drive a BMW and my bike is a shitty piece of Huffy garbage that’s had a flat tire for the last four years.

Anyway like, obviously this is a form of ad hominem, but I wonder if there’s a word for this particular presumptive version of it, where someone’s argument proves they are the thing that invalidates their argument.

Also if there’s a good description of the initial general thing I’m talking about, I’d be interested in that as well, like this sort of generally shitheaded exercise in bashing THOSE PEOPLE, by whatever ridiculous terms THOSE PEOPLE are determined to be.